While I was about to get married and on the verge of choosing the ideal destination guess who popped up on my mind? Yes thanks to Bollywood, SRK in DDLJ & Mohabbatein has set a perfect backdrop for all the crazy girls like me. So we start dreaming about our man standing with open arms on the Swiss mountain next to a fireplace calling our name. As dreamy as this sounds, our real man breaks the bubble with his laugh. He might even end up doing this drama to make you happy but it will come with hysterical takes cause of his laughter. And then you are back in reality, going through flights, visas, picking your hotels and trust me this requires so much planning cause you don’t want to compromise on any part of this. Eventually, as you are getting closer to your Big Day, you realise that even a small break with your main could be the best blessing to your heart.

“With wedding rituals and functions keeping you tied up, all one needs is a relaxed getaway with a destination that can bring peace to your heart and love to your soul”.

//The most crucial question always while you’re getting married is where are you off to for your honeymoon?//

It’s become a serious pressure for majorly all the couples to have that one fancy honeymoon! Back in 90’s our parents used to hardly find time to even end up going to Mahabaleshwar and back then Kashmir or Mussoorie used to be as good as having a Swiss Tour.Now it’s a big question in fact stressful than even your wedding outfit! With multiple options coming in from all of your relatives & friends to go either to Maldives or Paris or USA but you please keep nodding to them & then in the end do that your heart says! Of course keep a track on your budget and on your partner’s wishes as well because we all know that when you have a company you love, even home becomes as good as a foreign land!

      So picking a favourite choice for your honeymoon really depends on yours and your husband’s personality. For us, we both are more of nature lovers than party goers. We needed a silent mesmerizing beauty that we could indulge ourselves in yet we needed to splurge ourselves into some crazy shopping. We got married in February so definitely Europe was not on our list due to extreme weather conditions. When I was young I remember watching cricket cause of Daniel Vettori (handsome NZ bowler, do you all remember him?) and all that I knew was that he hailed from New Zealand. Ever since then I kept a track on this beautiful heavenly country which is so underrated when it comes to honeymoon destinations. So my silly craze for Daniel and my husband’s cricket obsession got us to shortlist NZ as our main destination.

     Since flights from Ahmedabad all the way to NZ can get extremely tiring so we opted for Singapore as our Valentine destination so that we could fulfil our dream of “ Shop till you drop”. Since we just had three days in hand, we wished to make the best of the city and that’s the reason on our this trip we gave Universal Studios a miss! But I’ve been there earlier and there is no way you all should skip it. A day out there is a must!

Singapore, you are majestic, in terms of shopping or luxury or just the way you are, I have always liked you.

  • We chose Marina Bay Sands for our little stay of  Three Nights. (Now the deal is try booking online from their main website and in fact drop in a mail cause they are kind enough to respond fast and always come up with offers to make your stay comfortable. In fact if you contact them in advance about early check ins, they happily assist you with that as well ).


  • It’s super clean and that’s what I love the most about it. No peculiar smell of lizard or cat or rats being cooked around. So for vegetarians like me, you all will love this place. And for my non-vegetarian friends, you all can still relish these dishes just without it “smelling” yummy!

“Singapore has always been my perfect getaway. From cosy walks at Garden Bay to Night outs at Clarke Quay to sipping your mocktail at the infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands and ending the night with hitting a jackpot at the casino, what is it that this city doesn’t offer? Keep your thrill for rides and amusing eyes on with Universal Studios and Underwater world in Singapore. Amusement, Relaxation and Beauty is all that you can be blessed with! “


  1. Have the Kaya toast with Milo milk at TOASTBOX {thank me later for this!}.
  2. Grab the yummy Pizza or pasta from Marche
  3. Stationary lovers, you got to check out TYPO at Orchard Street.
  4. Street shopping? Bugis street, try your luck at bargaining!
  5. Raffles City Shopping Centre could be your safe bet for mall shopping.
  6. Soak in the beautiful views of the coastline at Changi Point (Open for Public 24×7)


    “Singapore made sure we had a beautiful Valentines and this tiny sovereign island country will win your heart at any given time.”


(As fancy as this city sounds, you can always customize your tour on this island as per your budget.  Need more help?

Drop in a mail at lovechronicles.297@gmail and I shall send you my detailed itinerary)


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